Baking with the HERC Oven… the Possibilities are Endless!


Would you rather risk starvation before attempting to eat what you have in your food storage? If so, the HERC Oven has come to the rescue! Besides just saving the day when the power goes out, it can do soooo much more! Heidi who helped introduce the HERC oven to us last year is back to share […]

Be Safe & Organized with an Epson Safety Label Kit


I’m an organizing fanatic! Even when I was little I had issues – I would be in a waiting room with toys and I would organize them instead of play with them. I even taped off part of my room that I shared with my sister and told her that her junk better not cross the […]

Get Ready to Garden – Composter Giveaway!


The Prepared Bloggers are at it again, bringing you a fantastic chance to win a fabulous prize! This week we’re giving you a chance to win this Jora Drum-style composter, valued at $319.00! You can view more details about the composter HERE at Eartheasy has graciously provided this composter as a prize so that […]

Celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter (Book Review)


Emily has done it again. She has helped bring Christ back into a holiday that has been taken over by Easter Bunnies & Marshmallow Peeps. Don’t get me wrong, we love those things! Each year our family heads to the farm to go fishing, hunt for eggs, and do our annual egg rolling contest. These things are […]

How Long Can You Store Food in the Freezer? (Chart)


My favorite purchase by far has been (drum roll)…. yep, my freezer! Maybe it eats up too much electricity and space, but it has saved me MANY trips to the store – so for now it’s staying! I often forget everyone is not as obsessed with freezers as I am, and it might because they don’t […]

5 Accessories to Enhance Your Hunting Trips

Hunter Accessories

Spring is prime turkey hunting in several states and typically the first hunt of the year for avid outdoorsmen. But it’s also the time of year when hunters take inventory on equipment and make upgrades and additions when necessary. 5 Must-Have Hunting Accessories: Technology has made hunting accessible to more people and streamlined several processes […]

What is Natural Yeast & 3 Health Benefits No One Tells You About!

Benefits of Natural Yeast

I often teach classes on putting together a yearly menu plan and how to store foods so they last. One of the things I stress most is the importance of being able to make bread! That’s a critical part of food storage – at least mine. Inevitable, someone always asks me how to store yeast long-term and I’ve […]

Best of Prepared Housewives: Top 10 Preparedness Posts of 2014


Another year has come and gone which is always good (and bad) – because I realize how much I accomplished & didn’t accomplish last year! I may have fallen short on a lot of things I was hoping to do, but I did finally lose that last 10 lbs that I’ve been trying to get rid of […]

Is Your Family Prepared? 13 Questions Every Mom Should Ask Herself…


If you’re a few days behind on your to-do list and can’t seem to recover your home from its constant disarray, pat yourself on the back. Because you’re doing it right — motherhood is tough. (Just a typical day around our home ;) You’re not alone though, busy moms barely have enough groceries and juice boxes […]

DUCT TAPE: 25 Uses for Survival


Duct Tape – It’s tough, waterproof, inexpensive, & a must have item for your survival kit! Did you know it was originally developed to be used as a tape for sealing ammunition during World War II? Today, it’s commonly used to patch things up at home, but it can do so much more – like keep you safe and […]

Merry Christmas From My Crazy Clan!


Sometimes I get these crazy ideas.  Like take the kids to get pictures with Santa. Actually, it’s my friends fault! She is ubber talented and designs the cutest kids shirts ever and gave me some. I thought it would be so adorable to get at least one picture to share with you of all the kids wearing them! It took […]

Black Friday Berkey Light Giveaway


Berkey Light Water Purifier Giveaway We are excited to share this Berkey Light Water Purifier Giveaway that’s sponsored by our friends at LPC Survival. The Berkey Light Water Purifier is an ideal water filtration system for everyday use at home, travel, outdoors or during emergencies. Includes the following: 2 Black Berkey Elements Serves 1 – […]

Preparedness Holiday Gift Guide to Stuff You Actually NEED

Let me help you out! Are you tired of lame gifts each year, or do you struggle with what to give? Anyways, I’ve got you covered. I’ve rounded up 30 of the most popular emergency preparedness & survival items that people can’t live without and compiled them together for you. All you need to do now is email […]

SWISS CHEESE CHICKEN: A Must-Have Meal for Your Freezer & Food Storage!


Wow! It’s been way too long since I’ve shared a recipe! You probably think I never cook (and depending on who you asked, you might be right ;) I may not have time to make a gourmet meal every night (or ever), but I can always whip up this Swiss Cheese Chicken in no time flat! […]