Entertaining Kids Without Electronics: 8 Games They Will Love


It’s easy to overdose kids with TV, video games, and catapulting Angry Birds around (everything my kids are currently doing right now :) - but I encourage you to try to disconnect from electronics to help teach your kids they can actually survive without them. Entertaining kids without electronics doesn’t have to be a lot of work, but it does […]

Purifying Water in Case of a Disaster (6 Different Methods)


Author Lee Flynn It’s important to be prepared to keep your family safe in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. One of the most critical aspects of emergency preparedness is the availability of emergency food and clean drinking water. If running water is not available, you will need to purify water from other sources so […]

16 Favorite Books & California Vacation Giveaway!!!


Not sure if anyone knows this (even my mom), but this year I’ve been contributing to the amazing blog OneSheTwoShe. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know an amazing group of talented women, but I’m sure you don’t care about that – but you might care about this… How many times, in your stressful life, have you […]

HERC Oven Giveaway x3 + Hydrant Water Storage System


As soon as I posted about the HERC Oven a few month ago I was flooded with emails about how people could get their hands on one! Well, here’s your chance - Titan Ready USA is giving away one of each type of their HERC ovens. The amazing thing about these ovens is they only use tea […]

Interview w/ G. Michael Hopf – Bestselling Author of The New World Series


The New World Series continues with G. Michael Hopf’s latest book – Sanctuary! If you haven’t heard about these postapocalyptic novels before, these will definitely shake you up and make you want to start preparing (if you haven’t already). You can read my thoughts about his first 2 books on this post – The New World […]

Duct Tape 911: Could You Tape Yourself Together in an Emergency?


When I first heard about this book, my first reaction was who would ever tape themselves together? Then I remembered… oh yeah, my brother has done just that! When he was a teenager, he went hunting with his friend (another responsible teenager - yeah right) and he wound up in a 4-wheeler accident. The nearest town was […]

Store Gasoline Indefinitely with PRI-G Fuel Stabilizer


Like thousands of others, before Hurricane Ike hit we rushed to the store to buy one of the last remaining generators – but once the lights went out we realized we had a big problem – we didn’t store enough fuel to keep it running. And a year later we ran into an even bigger problem – the generator […]

Kick off Summer with a Food, Fire, & Filter Bucket from Survival Based


Summer is HERE and it’s getting HOT! Before you run off to the beach to work on your tan, remember we are officially in Hurricane season and you need to be ready. Not sure where everyone lives, but all over Houston there are road signs warning everyone to prepare for the Hurricane Season. One way our […]

Happy Father’s Day! Here’s Something For You…


Well, Fathers Day is right around the corner…. We can picture all the fathers, grandpas, sons, brothers and nephews wanting to be in the outdoors this summer. Who wouldn’t like a Camp Chef Stove in the backyard or to take up the canyon (where allowed) to cook outside? Can you smell the bacon, eggs and […]

Preparing for a Disaster With Essential Oils

preparing for a disaster with essential oils

September 11th Hurricane Katrina Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami Joplin MO Tornado Mount St Helens Eruption Great Lakes Blizzard Yarnell AZ Wildfire Disasters — natural or caused by humans. Perhaps warnings are given out and you have time to prepare. Others strike when you least expect it. What happens in the aftermath? Are you truly […]

WIN My Favorite Canning Supplies…

Spring into Canning

Win My Favorite Canning Supplies… Welcome to our huge canning supply giveaway! 14 bloggers, 2 sponsors, and a complete canning set up. First let me introduce our sponsors. Pantry Paratus is a canning equipment and self sufficiency equipment company located in Montana. Pantry Paratus sells a complete line of everything you will need to can […]