Using the LDS Cannery (aka Home Storage Centers)

*** Read the UPDATE for the new Policy Changes that
Have Gone into Effect!***

The Home Storage Centers (aka Canneries) are operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but are available to the public as well.

Some people have known about them for years, but are often intimidated to go. I finally built up enough courage and stepped foot into my first one about 3 years ago! Immediately, I became addicted, especially to the Hot Chocolate and the option to buy bulk food at a decent price! Now I make a few trips a year to refill my buckets, and can extra items for my food storage.

The volunteers that work at the canneries are super sweet and ready to help anyone, members and non-members alike! So get over your fear, grab a buddy, and head to a cannery near you!

Using the LDS Cannery - Everything you Need to know about Locations, Prices, Supplies. #ldscannery #foodstorage

Plan a Trip to the Cannery:

  • Order Form – Print off a form for your next trip to the cannery.
  • Locations – Find a Location Near You!
  • LDS Cannery Labels – This post has pictures of all the cannery labels containing storage life & ideal conditions, preparation instructions, and ingredients!

lds cannery labels

Options for Purchasing Items:

Each cannery has different policies, so make sure to call before going.

  1. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT – Each cannery usually has specific times they set aside to help individuals can items. Find out from a LDS Welfare Specialist for the assigned date for your area, or call the local cannery to make an appointment (non-members are welcome too). Remember no outside food is allowed to be canned, so plan on purchasing food that is available.
  2. BUY IN BULK – Anyone can stop by anytime the cannery is open to purchase bulk items, pre-packaged food, or overflow goods. It’s a good idea to go ahead and call the cannery beforehand to make sure they have the items you’d like to pick up. Don’t forget to order all the packing materials you’ll need such as cans, pouches, oxygen absorbers, lids, etc.
  3. BORROW CANNER/SEALER – Often times a canner and/or pouch sealer is available to borrow to take home, so you can seal or can your own food. Just make sure to call the manager to check availability and make an appointment to borrow them.
  4. PURCHASE ONLINE – If you do not live near a cannery, they now have the option to buy many of the items online!

working at lds cannery

Payment at the Cannery:

  • Credit cards are now accepted
  • Checks (Depends on Cannery)
  • Cash, EXACT amount – NO exceptions

What to Expect When Canning Items:

When canning items at the cannery you usually go during an assigned shift for your area that lasts about 3 hours. Sometimes they allow walk-ins, or you can call and set up an appointment, but it depends on the cannery.

When you go, make sure to bring your order form filled out in either the can or pouch column. Please note when you are canning food the price for the packing material is included, so there is no need to order any. The option for ordering packing materials is mainly for those who plan on canning or sealing their items at home.

Be prepared to come on time, work with others during the assigned shift, help fill everyone’s orders, and then clean up. You’ll always be assisted, so don’t worry about knowing anything about the cannery!  Just come pack food, have fun, and know there is always someone there to help.

After everyone is done you’ll pay for your food and take it home to enjoy!

*The Hot Chocolate is the Best!!!
Just in case you missed my Hint earlier!*


working at the cannery

#10 canned food

Other LDS Food Storage Resources:

*** Read the UPDATE for the new Policy Changes that
Have Gone into Effect!***


  1. 4

    BH says

    Follow that advice of calling ahead. I called and was asked if my family and I were members (we are not) I was then told that I couldn’t come down and purchase. Obviously I can purchase online but not all items available at the cannery are available online.

    • 5

      Prepared Housewives says

      I’ve never heard of that happening before, actually people that aren’t members of the church use the cannery more than members do. Which cannery did you call? I’ll call them up and ask myself.

      • 6

        John Payne says

        I recently was laid off from my job (high rise construction) for 5-6 weeks due to a gap between projects. I am in need of food as I have paid all of my bills ahead but have run out of money and no one wants to hire someone for 5 weeks. I don’t qualify for unemployment until November, so that’s not an option for me. Even though I am not a member, would they consider helping me with some basic food items until I go back to work? I could certainly pay for them once I am employed again. Thank you for any help that you can provide me with!

        • 7


          You can always contact the Bishop of whatever church is closest to you and they might be able to help. If you need any help finding one you can go to or just let me know.

  2. 8

    Melody says

    I just found out through my GA Preppers group that as of July 1st, 2013, LDS will no longer be able to sell loose bulk. Everything must be pre-packaged and shelved….this means no more diy canneries. I’m hoping they will find away to work around this bit outrageousness from the current “powers that be”.

    • 9

      Prepared Housewives says

      I’ve been in depression since I’ve heard! There’s no point in really having canneries now, at least for me! The main reason I go is for the bulk items! I’m so sick of good people and good things being targeted, but I better stop before I start swearing ;)

  3. 10

    Nana says

    I am also upset over the LDS cannery not allowing bulk items to be purchased anymore. I had made an appt but had to cancel due to illness and when I tried to resch another one I was told that all items are limited to 24 cans and none can be purchased in bulk. That was just terrible for me, I had my hopes up for so long to be able to store some food items back and get myself a little secured just in case and maybe I would not be worried so much just to have the bottom to fall out. When you are on a fixed income, disabled and unable to garden and food is so high. It does get to the point do you purchase medication or food. I can’t get help because my hubby is also disabled and our SSN income together is too high for extra help with our medications but if we get a divorce then we both can get help with our medication and possible food stamps to assist us each month. It doesn’t make sense to me and I am just really down and out at this point in my life. I worry about my grandkids and my kids how are they going to make it when the two of us are having such a hard time and trying to keep a smile on our faces. Thanks ya’ll for listening to me. I love your web page. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears and would gladly appreciate them. We don’t have a farmers market nearby and to travel to get to one would just be as much as paying the store for fresh vegetables. I don’t know folks, hang in there. I don’t sleep much.

    • 11

      Prepared Housewives says

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and frustrations. I know many people are feeling the same way and can defintitely relate. It’s sad when the system rewards people for being divorced, but I know staying together is the best example you could give your kids/grandkids. Have you looked at any of the bountiful basket co-ops to get your fruits and vegetables? I don’t know if you have a Sams or Costco near you too, but you could see if someone with a membership can help you buy some of their bulk items. You could also just keep going to the cannery and getting 24 cans at time, it’s probably better not to buy everything at once anyways.

      That’s definitetly tough when it comes to needing to buy your meds and food. Hang in there! Thanks again for you honesty and sharing your story.

  4. 14

    Lila says

    Jamie, I have tried a dozen times to get to the place where you can order online, through the link (purchase) that you posted and I can never get it. Can you help me with this please?

  5. 18

    Larry Woodruff Hanson says

    I am an active member of the Church with a current Temple recommend and have worked at the cannery many times. My question is, can we as members purchase items in bulk there at the cannery in Mesa off of University Avenue? And if so, what is the price of a case of oatmeal?

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